Various fashion editorial projects that I have participated in.


'Thumbelina' Fashion Editorial Project

Talented photographer Yifei invited me to collaborate with her team on a unique take on a themed fashion editorial print run. The idea was to incorporate illustrations as the setting to a styled Thumbelina shoot to keep a magical fantasy setting.

I handled thumbnails, initial sketches, colour passes and overall layout design.

Team and Credits

 Photographer : Yifei Gu
Model : Bethany Pifer
Illustrator : Jia-Ling Pan
Stylist : Annabella Fan
Hair Stylist : Karlson Fan
Makeup Artist : Christina Chen

Photo Edits by Yifei Gu


SAMSARA - Indian Mythology Inspired Fashion Editorial

I was approached by Kimisa regarding the project and was immediately drawn to it. After a field trip to a local Indian temple for inspiration and research, we set to planning.

She provided me the canvas (she made and stretched it herself) and I took artistic liberty with the specific directions she gave me. We wanted to go with fierce and bold strokes depicting creatures that alluded to Indian mythology. Some of these pieces were larger than I was and proved to be both a challenge but were nevertheless exceedingly fun!

 Team and Credits

 Photographer : Kimisa Hao
Model : Meisha Kingdon
Illustrator : Jia-Ling Pan
Stylist : Renata Gar at Aver Styling
Hair Stylist : Rebecca Beardsley
Makeup Artist : Christian Alvarez

Published digitally at Glassbook.

View the full photo set HERE.


Alice in Wonderland Fashion Illustration Editorial *Coming Soon*